What we do - Attractive eye catching design

Who are they
Lounge 85 is a professional and productive team that are passionate about giving soul and body to interactive media, branding and multimedia ideas. We create interactive design solutions that help large and small businesses communicate their message in a more effective method.

What are they up too
We have the ability and knowledge to develop artistic branding for all types of business, and also complex and accurate illustrations, 3D modelling and animation, imaginative photography, digital video production and visually compelling websites to help engage our client’s target audience.

Our Passion
Our principles are based on the use of creative and functional multimedia to make the link between customers and business direct and engaging. Using contemporary design, where less is more and adding consistent elements to focus on the style and message.

Client - Testimonials

Conquer Health & Fitness

Conquer Health & Fitness
We love making our clients happy, and the team at Conquer are a happy bunch. By creating them a vibrant new website, which reflects the ethos and energy in their business.site link.


"Wow" its great to see our clients business grow with the increase of web traffic to there website. site link.